Iconic Beauty Looks From the Year You Were Born

Augustino | Shutterstock.com

What’s your ideal beauty? Who would you think is the perfect woman of the 21st century? From history, we surely have classics such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball. What about our recent generation? Would you go for forever gorgeous Natalie Portman, stunning supermodel Naomi Campbell or the sweet-looking hottie Emma Watson?
The definition of beauty is indefinite and constantly evolving. The standard of beauty 30 years ago may not be the choice of today, but one thing is for sure, beauty is not only what you can see – it is way more than meets the eye. So we went down into history and prepared this list of legendary beauties from the 1940’s who are so mesmerizing, you’d wish that you were born a couple of decaded earlier.