The 14 Most Spectacular College Football Stadiums

trekandshoot |

They say the best competition happens in college sports, as you are not just playing for your hometown, you are also playing for your school. School loyalty is something that most people care about. Even professional athletes do not forget their schools. They come up supporting their college if there is a major sports event. That is why it is very important that you have an excellent stadium, to begin with, so you can house your ardent fan base whenever there is a home game.
Such is the case in college football, the training ground for almost all NFL professional players. You always want to play in front of the home crowd, as 100,000 screaming fans can certainly add some advantage for your home team. We scoured the entire U.S for the most spectacular college football stadiums in the country, so take a look if your school is on the list. Let’s begin!!