A Personal Photolog: Walt Frazier Through the Years

JStone | Shutterstock.com

The New York Knicks are one of the most historic franchises in the NBA, being one of the league’s founding members in 1949. But to everyone’s disappointment, they’ve only won two NBA championships in their history – in 1970 and 1973. NBA legend Walt Frazier helped the team win trophies, playing as their point guard from 1967-1977. With an uncanny floor vision and scoring prowess, Walt became the cornerstone of the franchise during his playing time with the Knicks.
Die-hard fans would certainly remember Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals, where he single-handedly carried the franchise to its first NBA championship, scoring 36 points and dishing out 19 assists. While he ended his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he is still considered the greatest Knick ever, seeing his jersey retired immediately after his career ended. Relive the journey of Walt Frazier’s amazing career, as we give you his most candid pictures through the years.