A Personal Photolog: Floyd Mayweather from Childhood to Today

Funtap | Shutterstock.com

50-0. That is the win-loss record of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr., surpassing Rocky Marciano’s undefeated streak when he knocked out MMA champion Connor McGregor last August. It is just one of his many boxing records, as he’s been on top of the boxing world ever since turning professional in 1996.
Mayweather is often referred to as the Muhammad Ali of this generation. As aside from his boxing skills, he is also very good in showboating, and his antics towards his opponents are something that everyone looks forward to every fight. We followed Floyd’s journey to success, starting when he was just a young boy with a dream up to the moment he stood at boxing’s peak. The photos here will show us how Floyd transformed from a wide-eyed kid to one of the best boxers to ever climb the square ring.