A Personal Photolog: Babe Ruth from Childhood to His Last Day

National Photo Company | Wikimedia Commons

With all the fanfare surrounding the baseball world today following the arrival of to two-way Japanese star Shohei Ohtani, fans are now making comparisons to the greatest two-way player ever to step in a baseball diamond, Yankee legend Babe Ruth. He began his legendary career with the Boston Red Sox, where he excelled as a left-handed pitcher for the team.
However, in one of the most questionable trades in baseball history, the Red Sox sent Ruth to the New York Yankees, wherein he became one of the better sluggers of his generation. It also set up the “Curse of the Bambino,” a fan-made curse that resulted into the Red Sox failing to win the World Series in 86 years.
Overall, Babe Ruth posted a Hall of Fame career with the Yankees, and no one’s come close to emulating the two-way greatness of the baseball legend. We follow Ruth’s meteoric rise to the top of the baseball world by showing you a collection of rarely seen pictures from his childhood up until his last days in 1948, when he succumbed to cancer.