16 Big-Name NFL Players Belichick Booted from the Patriots

Keith Allison | flickr.com

Many people don’t really like Bill Belichick, as he is one of the most colorful personalities in the NFL. He may be an arrogant jerk, or a cheater perhaps, but one cannot deny the fact that he has won five Super Bowl Titles since 2002, making him a sure shot for the Hall of Fame. His New England Patriots is simply the most dominant team in the league, and Belichick is responsible for almost all personnel decisions within the franchise. Except for Tom Brady, almost everyone in the team is expendable to Belichick, as these 16 people on our list would know. They built successful careers with the Patriots, but once Belichick thinks that he doesn’t need a player anymore, he lets the player go. Savage or genius, Belichick is one coach that believes in the Patriot Way, and even if you are a big star, you will be traded once he sees that you are not a good fit to the team.