15 Wrestling Duos That Went from Friends to Enemies

Christian Bertrand | Shutterstock.com

In WrestleMania XI, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash faced off for the WWE Championship in front of thousands of wrestling fans. The storyline was that it was a grudge match, as Shawn and Nash were former best friends turned bitter enemies, as both felt that the other betrayed them some time before. It is one of the most famous kayfabe storylines used in WWE, as former friends usually make good enemies inside the ring.
Of course, this is just entertainment. The tolls of wrestling did not affect the friendship between the two, as Shawn and Kevin are best friends to this day. We can’t say the same for the people on our list, as even the nicest guys in the business have their breaking point, especially if you feel that your closest friend is the one who let you down. This real-life story has also been a very popular thing in the WWE, as we present you the 15 Wrestling Duos That Went from Friends to Enemies.