15 Times WWE Stars Went Off-character on Screen

Tinseltown | Shutterstock.com

The world of professional wrestling’s always operated under the rule of the unwritten code known as “kayfabe.” Kayfabe demands that everyone involved in a wrestling show in any way maintain the illusion that what happens in the wrestling ring is real. In today’s WWE ring, kayfabe isn’t as strictly maintained and is more of an open secret between the performers and fans. However, there is still a strict code that dictated that, when a WWE wrestler is on TV, a live show, or even in a meet and greet, they need to maintain their characters.
Though the lines between kayfabe and reality seem to be blurring recently, what with reality shows like Total Bellas and Total Divas promising and delivering a look behind the curtains, most WWE superstars still take their characters seriously and that’s what the company wants and even demands. There are some exceptions though, such as in the case of an injury on the ring or interactions with certain fans. During these cases, the company usually lets things slide and the star isn’t penalized for their actions. In this post, we’re going to share or point out a few episodes when wrestlers went off script on screen.