14 Secrets That Came Out About Cristiano Ronaldo

Marco Iacobucci EPP | Shutterstock.com

Ronaldo is currently one of the highest paid athletes in the world, paid higher than Lebron James. He is an icon, a global ambassador for football and someone who evokes emotions from fans all over the football universe. His 15-year career in football has made him one of the top athletes of the sport, as he has put on a show with his impressive ball-handling skills, foot speed and his prowess in front of the net. He has set high standards not just on the field, but also outside of it as he graces events with his designer suits and with dates that are certainly more than eye candy.
With fame comes criticism and controversy, and Ronaldo has had his shares of controversies all over. He may be talented and passionate in football, but that doesn’t mean that he’s perfect. He has found himself in some sticky situations in the past. These “situations” usually land him in the headlines of Europe’s most prominent papers, as any move he makes is considered newsworthy. Footballs governing body, FIFA, does its best to minimize the impact of this news because of the value that Ronaldo has. But there are times they can’t shake the controversies that their star player gets embroiled into. We looked into some of them, so here are the 14 secrets that came out about Cristiano Ronaldo.