11 Pregnant Women Athletes at the Olympics

IISG | flickr.com

The Olympics offer a lot of sports for both men and women and we’ve seen a number of remarkable athletes through the years. Countries from all over the world come together every four years to celebrate sports and promote camaraderie among the nations, and it’s an occasion where a lot of things happen. One of the most talked about athletes in the competition are the women who participated while being pregnant. Being a national representative in the Olympics is not an easy feat, and competing while pregnant is another challenge to conquer.
We’ve gathered the women athletes who were unstoppable and participated in the events despite their delicate conditions. Some of the sports do not really require too much exertion, but old photos would leave you in awe of their dedication to their chosen field. Check out the ladies on the list, and be amazed at how they managed to balance motherhood and sportsmanship during the Olympics.