The 25 Most Fun Sonic Games Ever Made

Barone Firenze |

In the past 26 years, only very few gaming characters became were more involved in the industry than the most famous hedgehog in the world, Sonic. For most of us, Sonic the Hedgehog was our favorite childhood character even when the industry went through a console showdown between Nintendo, SEGA, NEC, etc. For the most part, Nintendo overshadowed SEGA’s Sonic, yet his games were popular for their pace, tempo and an attitude that are unrivaled even today.
We’ve seen Sonic in plenty of exciting roles, ranging from taking part in the Olympics to being a pinball and starring in RPGs. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that we all love playing Sonic games no matter what the platform is. This year, two new Sonic games, “Sonic Forces” and “Sonic Mania,” are released to celebrate Sonic’s impact on the industry. We’ve brought together a list to take you through a journey of Sonic games from the past and relive the memories.