The 10 Most Ridiculously Expensive Cell Phones Ever

Nathalie 2016 |

Cell phones are a need these days. Everyone has it because of work, leisure or as a joy they can enjoy. The price of these handphones vary, and every one of us has a different budget for one. Some savvy persons would want to have the newest model in town and purchase the smartphone in a heartbeat, regardless of the price. These are commonly found in the upper realm of the social ladder. Some individuals think wisely before buying a phone checking specifications and others who want it cheap.
The wealthy class, however, has developed this idea that regardless of the quality of the product they need to buy the most expensive brand out there. They don’t care if they need to fly to another country to have it. Now, this logic also applies when they want to purchase a new smartphone and the market is taking advantage of it. We have compiled the ten most luxurious phone to ever get into the hands of rich people. Often than not, these phones are not that unique, just diamonds and specks of gold, but they are rich, so it’s not an argument.