16 Surprising Things That Were Invented by NASA

Amankris | Shutterstock.com

Did you know that space exploration contributed a lot to our daily lives? There are different products that you can find at home that were invented because of advancements in NASA research and technology. Thanks to these wonderful inventions, our lives were changed for the better.
NASA’s main purpose is to better understand and explore the outer space. While they’re at it, some technologies developed by the administration for space exploration were introduced for human use. We use these inventions on a daily basis, yet we really don’t know where they came from.
Several countries spend a huge deal of taxpayer’s money to fund their space programs, which leads to some questions whether to put the money instead on areas really in need of funding rather than in space travel and research. The truth is we owe part of our lives’ improvement to the things invented by NASA in their efforts to reach farther into the cosmos. There are more than 6,300 patented NASA inventions and here are the most surprising ones.