15 Failed Products Apple Wants You To Forget About

360b | Shutterstock.com

We all know Apple gives us high-quality products and even though they lost to Google this year as the World’s Most Valuable Brands, they still hold their reign. They have held the title since 2012 but being number two isn’t that awful especially if consumers still flock to your store and buy the newest releases.
The company’s greatest influence even today is the late Steve Jobs and the people behind Apple has been keeping the grand image running smoothly. But it wasn’t always iPhone and iPad glory for them; they had a period in their history that their releases weren’t a hit. They were brave in trying new things and being innovative but not everything worked for these guys.
Like any other company, Apple had massive failed projects that served as a lesson and aided in the company’s success today. Read on and discover the devices that they released that made it to the radar but they would rather keep it under wraps after its negative response.