Snapshots in Time: Vilnius, Lithuania Then & Now

Boris Stroujko |

Vilnius is the capital city, as well as the largest city in Lithuania, situated in the southeast part of the country. It’s also the second largest city in the Baltic states. It has been the seat of the main governmental institutions of the Vilnius District Municipality for years. Vilnius has undergone some name changes, and one of the first mentions of this city was in 1323 as Vilna. The city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994 for the architecture of its Old Town, and is classified as a Gamma global city as well. Vilnius was also named one of the biggest Jewish centers in Europe prior to World War II. It has a rich history and has survived numerous rulers throughout the years. It has emerged as a city with diverse architecture, and it has become the economic center of Lithuania. It has been moving forward, and all manner of developments are seen when you walk down the streets of the city.
Let’s take a look back at the changes of Vilnius throughout the years, and see its timeless beauty.