A Personal Photolog: Theresa May from Childhood to Today

Drop of Light | Shutterstock.com

The British political landscape will not be complete without politician and Conservative Party leader Theresa May. May was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 2016. Early in her political career, she became the Shadow Spokesman for Schools, Disabled People, and Women of the front-bench opposition team of British conservative politician William Hague in 1998. After a year, she was appointed Shadow Education and Employment Secretary, making her the first of the 1997 MPs to be part of the Shadow Cabinet (a feature of the Westminster system of government).
A survey in September 2016 showed that public opinion about May was positive, stating that she’s more in touch with ordinary UK citizens compared to her predecessor. Majority of the voters also believe that she’s the right person to bring unity to the country. In this post, know more about Theresa May through photos from her childhood years up to today: