Before Razors, This is How People Shaved


Grooming has changed throughout the centuries and it has been evident in many medieval attempts of grooming since the Stone Ages. The razor blade has been revamped several times over, but before we even got to know the razors, our ancestors were pretty much creative when it comes to removing unwanted hair in the body.
Cavemen needed to shave not only for grooming but for hygiene purposes as well since hair could get matted and frozen especially in the cold weather. Come summer and it could get infested with lice. Short hair also helped them to cool off a bit.
What do you think our ancestors used before the invention of the electric razor and Mach 3? Of course, they got inventive with what they got and that included using shark teeth, clam shells, stones and rocks (yikes!). They always found a way as to how they could live and that included grooming and shaving.
Throughout history, grooming standards have evolved significantly and practices have changed over time. From when being bald is trendy to keeping free-flowing beards, there’s no stopping as to what will be perceived as a good grooming habit or what not. Inventors have kept themselves busy in finding ways to keep hair at an acceptable lengths, from using bronze razors then moving on to the iron, then steel. Later came the era of disposable razors and ultimately, the electronic razors of the modern times.
Here’s just a rundown list of all the things that were used to shave over several millennia ago. Find the greatest pre-razor saving tools that shaped humanity’s grooming history.