20 Revolutionary Next Generation Combat Rifles

Przemek Tokar | Shutterstock.com

The automatic rifle’s been a staple in the US military since its invention, starting with the M16 in 1962 and evolving into the M4 Carbine and the M16A4 rifle that were widely used in the Afghan and Iraq wars. Just like any other thing, however, there will come a time when they will be replaced by better versions.
The next-generation combat rifles offer a lot of advantages compared to its predecessors. Light but strong materials like aluminum and polymer are used. The components are hot-swappable and the barrels are designed for quick release for easy access in the field. The controls are also ambidextrous, making sure that the rifle adjusts to the shooter and not the other way around. The stocks sometimes fold, so that it can be easily deployed in any vehicle. Here is a list of rifles that come with modern capabilities, attempting to replace the efficient but aging models currently in use today.