16 Must-Know Shaving Tips for Guys

Olena Yakobchuk | Shutterstock.com

For most men, shaving is a necessity. This is especially true if their jobs require a clean-shaven face. Whether you want to get rid of some stubble or want to get rid of your mustache, then it must be done. Most men do it themselves while others prefer going to the barber for a better shave.
While it might sound simple, shaving can be quite a daunting and painful experience especially if you don’t follow the right procedures. Shaving the wrong way can result in ingrown hair, razor burns, nicks, and cuts.
Men have different facial skin than women. Men have tougher and thicker skin than women. They have more facial hair and because of bigger sebaceous glands, can get an oilier skin. That’s why there are skin care products aimed especially for the needs of men.
You actually don’t have to pay a barber to get that close shave, You can do so yourself in your own bathroom. These tried and tested shaving tips have been done by many men in the past. Your great-grandfather could have done it! Now, get yourself ready for the best shave of your life.