A Personal Photolog: Emeril Lagasse from Childhood to Today

Stephen Downes | flickr.com

In the world of cooking, there’s an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, TV personality and cookbook author who is known for catchphrases such as “Kick it up a notch” and “Bam!”. He is Emeril John Lagasse III. He’s made an appearance in numerous cooking shows including Great Chefs and other FoodTV programs. He was the host of long-running shows Emeril Live and Essence of Emeril at Food Network. The term “essence” in the title refers to the name of his spice concoction.
A regional James Beard Award winner, Lagasse is known for developing the “New New Orleans” style of cooking that involves local ingredients from Louisiana to make Creole-style dishes. His Orlando-based Tchoup Chop restaurant specializes in Asian and Polynesian dishes. He also has owns a steakhouse called Delmonico Steakhouse in Las Vegas, while his Italian Table restaurant obviously features rustic Italian dishes. Get a glimpse of the life of Emeril Lagasse – from his childhood up to today.