A Personal Photolog: Anthony Bourdain from Childhood to Today

Kathy Hutchins | Shutterstock.com

Anthony Bourdain is a popular TV chef and travel show host. His show, Parts Unknown, is one of the most watched series in CNN. The cable show features Bourdain traveling to several places to discover and experience local culture and cuisine. He showcases new food choices that aren’t normally seen and prepared in regular restaurants.
Bourdain visits exotic locations and countries such as Myanmar, Senegal, and even Antarctica. It makes for great TV, as many of us are left in awe of how he fearlessly gobbles native delicacies, whether they taste good or not. In 2015, he received the Peabody Award, the most distinguished award for journalism, for his work on Parts Unknown. We celebrate his success by showing you rarely seen photos of Bourdain from his childhood until today.