Ranked: The 25 Most Awesome PlayStation 3 Games Ever Made

Voyagerix | Shutterstock.com

The console was released in 2006, so it’s been more than 10 years since Sony released the successor of PS2. However, PS3 is still very popular among game enthusiasts, as this was the start of the blockbuster gaming era, with many games released on different platforms. It also provided an avenue for gamers to play PS1 classics because remastered versions of the classic PS1 games were made available for the console.
While PS4 was launched in 2014, there are still people out there who have kept their PS3’s, as there are still some nice games that you can play with it. Let’s celebrate the 10 years of existence of this gaming great, by giving you the 25 top PS3 Games that you have enjoyed playing. The list includes mainstream games, and also the cult classics that you have come to love. Game on!