A Photolog of Fame: The Moody Blues from Inception to Today

Jim Vallee | Shutterstock.com

English band The Moody Blues is one of the world’s most celebrated brands in the history. The group was the first to introduce art rock and progressive rock. Since their debut, they’ve sold more than 70 million albums, in addition to receiving 14 platinum and gold disc awards. Their single Nights in White Satin (1967) was among the first four-minute songs to play on the radio and was one of the best selling singles in music history.
The Moody Blues was formed in 1964 and was signed to their first contract in the same year. After realizing that their rhythm and blues covers weren’t working, the band started using their own materials and developed their own distinctive music category – a concept rock with a message. Their unique music style established the group as one of the most successful rock bands in the world. They also made a massive contribution to pop culture with their songs being featured in television, movies, and national ad campaigns. Here’s a photo collection of the Moody Blues since their inception until today.