A Photolog of Fame: The Monkees from Inception to Today

lev radin | Shutterstock.com

American rock and pop band The Monkees debuted in 1965, consisting of Mickey Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones. The members of the band were actors and musicians and experienced many difficulties, but they continued to record and release music until their disbandment in 1971. The group eventually reunited in 1986, and they began to tour around the world and release new records as well. They actually celebrated their 50th anniversary on one of their tour stops, and it was heartwarming to see Tork and Dolenz still performing on the stage. There were a lot of negative comments when they started their band, but they proved everyone wrong and became one of the most successful bands of the sixties. They gave us hits such as Last Train to Clarksville, Daydream Believer, Pleasant Valley Sunday, and I’m a Believer among others. Let’s walk down memory lane with the photos we collected throughout their career.