A Photolog of Fame: The Kinks from Inception to Breakup

Tom Begasse | Shutterstock.com

English rock band The Kinks was formed by brothers Ray and Dave Davies in 1964. They have been named one of the most significant and influential rock bands of the sixties. The Kinks skyrocketed to fame when they released the song You Really Got Me. They also gave us memorable hits like Tired of Waiting for You, All Day and All of the Night, and Long Tall Sally. They topped the charts with their singles, and were recognized for incorporating genres like rhythm and blues, folk, British music hall, and country.
They became an influential group and continued their success with numerous album releases and performances. The Davies brothers stayed with their band regardless of several member changes, until their breakup in 1996. It’s reported that the band is planning a reunion, but while we wait for the confirmation, let’s take a look back at the band’s journey through the years.