A Photolog of Fame: The Cure from Inception to Today

DFP Photographic | Shutterstock.com

The Cure is an English rock band that was formed in 1976 in Crawley, West Sussex. Throughout its existence, the band went through several line-up changes, with the one constant being their vocalist and principal songwriter Robert Smith.
The band’s most recent album was 4:13 Dream, which was released in 2008. Since then, they’ve focused on doing live performances. Just this December, they announced that they would do a 40th-anniversary concert on July 7, 2018 at Hyde Park in London.
The Cure was an integral part of the post-punk and new wave movements during the ’70s and ’80s. The original iteration of the band was called Easy Cure, and they spent 1977 and 1978 creating and shopping around demos. In 1978, they changed their name to just The Cure, and one of their demos got them signed to the Fiction label. In 1979, they released their debut album, Three Imaginary Boys.
The Cure released 13 albums throughout their career, with around 27 million records sold as of 2004, according to estimates. Their most popular singles include Boys Don’t Cry (1979), Just Like Heaven (1987), Lovesong (1989), and Friday I’m in Love (1992).