A Photolog of Fame: Queensryche from Inception to Today

Bill Ragan | Shutterstock.com

Despite being categorized among the likes of popular pop-metal groups in the 1980s, Queensryche emerged on the metal scene with its own brand of musicality. The band’s style took on a more progressive approach to heavy metal with a twist of the instrumentality of 1970s art rock. To date, they’ve released 15 studio albums and sold more than 20 million record sales worldwide.
Queensryche was formed in 1982 with Geoff Tate (vocals), Chris DeGarmo (guitars), Michael Wilton (guitars), Eddie Jackson (bass) and Scott Rockenfield (drums) forming the original lineup. They were noticed on the worldwide stage when their album “Operation: Mindcrime” hit the airwaves in 1988. The album became one of the best heavy metal albums ever created. They enjoyed more success with the release of their 1990 album “Empire,” which included the hit song “Silent Lucidity.” As the band’s career flourished, the members needed to contend with personal issues, resulting in departures, a dismissal, and a lawsuit. However, Queensryche survived the ordeal and continued to thrive as one of the best metal bands ever.