A Photolog of Fame: INXS from Inception to Breakup

Featureflash Photo Agency | Shutterstock.com

Australian rock band INXS was started by the Farriss brothers in 1977. The siblings started out their career by singing covers in pubs and clubs, and only playing their original music occasionally. The members of the band were Andrew Farriss, Jon Farriss, Tim Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, Garry Gary Beers, and Michael Hutchence. Hutchence was the frontman of the group for twenty years, and his good looks paired with his charismatic stage presence made him an essential member. INXS is most remembered for their new wave and pop style, but they also expanded to harder pub rock, with funk and dance elements, later in their career. They gave us hits like The One Thing, Original Sin, Listen Like Thieves, and Devil Inside. Hutchence died in 1997, and the band lost a focal member, but they decided to continue making music. They continued to release albums and tour around the world, but in November 2012, they announced that it was going to be their last performance. However, they did not say it was an official and permanent breakup, so we might even see a reunion tour someday. Let’s take a look at their journey through the photos collected all throughout their career.