A Personal Photolog: Steven Seagal from Childhood to Today

Gage Skidmore | flickr.com

Steven Seagal was one of the most in-demand action stars of the ‘90s film industry. He was 36 years old when he first starred in the 1988 film Above The Law. After the success of the movie, Seagal gained popularity amongst moviegoers and was cast in various action films. He was involved in direct-to-video productions and appeared in reality shows. He is also a guitarist and has released two studio albums, and performed with other musicians such as Stevie Wonder.
Before becoming an actor, Steven Seagal spent 15 years in Japan; teaching English and learning martial arts. He has earned black belts in martial arts and choreographed fight scenes for movies. Many speculations have been made about his personal life. He was a Buddhist and claimed to be a reincarnation of a 17th century tertön. He was said to be working with the CIA, and has a questionable relationship with the controversial Chechen Republic leader Ramzan Kadyrov. Russian president Vladimir Putin, who Steven considers a brother, also granted him Russian citizenship. Here are some photos of Steven Seagal from childhood to today.