A Personal Photolog: Elvis Costello from Childhood to Today

Randy Miramontez | Shutterstock.com

English singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer Elvis Costello was born on August 25, 1954, and rose to fame in 1977 after he released his critically acclaimed album My Aim Is True. He started in the pub rock scene of London and later incorporated the then-famous British new wave sound as well as the punk movement sound. He gave us unforgettable hits like Oliver’s Army, Watching the Detectives, I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself, and Pump It Up.
Costello also toured with The Attractions for quite some time, but also creates music solo. He’s known for his wordplay and broad lyrics, making him the ‘pop encyclopedia’ of his time. Costello and The Attractions became members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, and they have received numerous awards and recognitions over the years.
Let’s walk down memory lane and see how he has evolved as a talented artist through the years.