A Personal Photolog: Donna Karan from Childhood to Today

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Donna Ivy Faske, more commonly known in the fashion industry as Donna Karan or DK, was born in 1948 from a Jewish family at Forest Hills, Borough of Queens in New York City. She is an American fashion designer and the woman behind the famous Donna Karan New York and the DKNY clothing labels.
Karan began her fashion stint as an assistant designer with American fashion designer Anne Klein in the late 1960s. She then became an associate designer in 1971. During this time, Karan took part in The Battle of Versailles Fashion Show. She made a mark in the industry in 1985 with her “Essentials” line that consisted of seven pieces focusing on a bodysuit, and that could also transform into several outfits. In this post, get a glimpse of Karan’s childhood and her journey to greatness in the fashion industry.