A Personal Photolog: Don Henley from Childhood to Today

Lindsey Best | flickr.com

Don Henley was born in Texas on July 22, and he has become one of the most prominent American singer-songwriters, drummers, and producers of his generation. He’s one of the founding members of the world-famous band The Eagles, before pursuing his own solo career in the industry. He’s been the drummer for the band from its inception, their reunion, and he still plays for the group today. The Eagles gave us unforgettable hits like Desperado, Witchy Woman, Hotel California, One of These Nights, The Long Run, Get Over It, and Life in the Fast Lane.
The band parted ways in 1980, and Henley started his solo career in 1982, giving us memorable songs like The Boys of Summer, All She Wants to Do Is Dance, Dirty Laundry, Sunset Grill, The End of the Innocence, and Not Enough Love in The World. His greatest achievement is with the Eagles, winning six Grammy Awards, 150 million albums sale worldwide, and five number one singles. He will always be part of that legendary band, and he will always be a celebrated artist.
Take a look at his journey, and see how he became a legendary artist.