A Personal Photolog: Bonnie Raitt from Childhood to Today

Krista Kennell | Shutterstock.com

Born on November 8, 1949, American blues singer, songwriter, and activist Bonnie Raitt has become one of the most celebrated musicians of her generation. She came from a musically inclined family so it was only natural for her to decide to pursue a career in the industry too. She debuted in 1970, and most of the albums had elements of blues, folk, rock, and country. Her releases were always critically acclaimed, but she only experienced moderate commercial success. It was in in 1989 that she rose to prominent fame with her album called Nick of Time. Her success continued, and she gave us classic hit songs such as Love Sneakin’ Up on You, Something to Talk About, and the all-time favorite ballad, I Can’t Make You Love Me. She’s considered one of the greatest singers of all time, and she has 10 Grammy Awards to her name. She’s a living icon in the music industry, and it’s only right to take a look at her journey, from her childhood until today.