16 Oscars Awarded for Best Adapted Screenplay in the 21st Century

Jaguar PS | Shutterstock.com

The Oscars have remained one of the most prestigious award-giving bodies through the years, and one of its most significant categories is the Best Adapted Screenplay. It’s never easy to create a screenplay, whether it be original or adapted, so it is only right to give these writers the credit that they deserve. An adapted screenplay is separated from the original screenplay category, since it is derived from stories such as novels, comic books, autobiographies, historical sources, and scriptures among others, and we have seen a lot of noteworthy films through the years. We have gathered the winners of this prestigious category, and you will definitely see the reason why they deserve the award. Most of these movies are classics, and viewers of all generations enjoy each of them for the marvelous screenplay. Check out the list, and see if your favorite timeless motion picture made it.