16 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Art Direction in the 21st Century

Dooley Productions | Shutterstock.com

Any music video will showcase the theme of the song. However, whatever style in which the music video was shot, it should emphasize the performers’ best aspects as well as make a visual impact on the viewer. The key to this lies in the composition of the video by a highly talented art director. As technology has improved, we’ve gotten a chance to see videos that not only demonstrate the performer’s musical skills but the excellent artistic work of the directors.
Many of MTV VMA nominees owe their popularity to the release of high-quality art production, so it is quite appropriate that music channel recognizes the ‘Best Art Direction’ category. Kendrick Lamar triumphed this year, having received 6 awards for his video ‘Humble’, as well as his production designer Spencer Graves, who was awarded the nomination for ‘Best Art Direction’.
We’ve listed 16 winners in the category ‘Best Art Direction’ in the XXI century, which were awarded the coveted Moonman. So why not have a look through these deserving winners? Let’s do it!