15 Successful TV Actors Who Flopped at Their Big Screen Movie Roles

s_bukley | Shutterstock.com

Many actors and actresses fared well on the small screen, some even amassed their popularity and fortune from playing roles in series, sitcoms and the like. You might know these celebrities from their glory days in their respective television shows. Often, their roles fit them extremely well and they had to commit to it for the next three to five years. That’s not the case with the movies though, you might love their roles in the series but we can’t guarantee that you’ll love their big screen appearances.
You have to wonder how these actors are totally great on television but somehow become unbearable in movies. Many of them have tried their hand at movies and failed while only a few succeeded. For others, they figured it best to return to their roots in television acting.
Here we have a list of actors that just disappeared from the spotlight after their long running shows ended and their acting careers were ruined on the big screen.