15 Stars Who Slandered Their Own TV Shows

Denis Makarenko | Shutterstock.com

Most actors and actresses consider every role given to them a prime gig. There are days that some of them are subject to limited work and opportunities in-between seasons, but it’s a steady job that pays well, something that every celebrity values in the entertainment industry. If an actor can secure a spot in a television series that runs for many seasons, they can build a strong and considerable foundation, and explore other projects after the show concludes. It’s a luxury for any star, but not everyone sees it that way.
We have gathered a list of celebrities who were relatively unknown when they landed a role in a show. However, that fact did not stop any of them from slandering some aspects of the series that made them famous. They don’t seem to comprehend the concept of being thankful for the projects that fed them. A lot of these stars have already moved on to other productions, but they will be remembered as that artist who slammed their show.