15 Rappers Who Pull Hot Women Because of Their Fame

AS photo studio | Shutterstock.com

To those of you who blame their looks for failed relationships, here is an eye-opener.
The world is blessed with plenty of famous and intelligent rappers. Their life revolves around releasing record-breaking albums and touring the globe nonstop. They have everything at their feet; you name it: fame, success, money and all of it makes sense since they were and are talented in their work.
They were bestowed with all the blessings that God offered except looks. Most of them were ordinary guys (and even below average) but they ended up dating the hottest and most sought-after women alive. Everything doesn’t revolve around looks. Agreed! The personalities of these rappers must be charming but the fact that these hotties find the average rappers attractive is a mystery greater than the big bang. The love is not based upon looks. We don’t want to sound judgmental but maybe these babes fell for money, status, popularity or the sheer good luck of the rappers did the magic.