15 Nerdy Celebrities Who Grew Up Hot AF

taniavolobueva | Shutterstock.com

Many people feel depressed because they are not so beautiful and attractive. They compare themselves with the celebrities whom they watch on screens. But in reality, there is no such thing as beautiful stars. Some of them are beautiful, no doubt, but some will change your concept of ugly. A few of them have natural looks, and they often look amazing. But the rest have to spend countless hours on makeup just for a small appearance in front of the camera. When Hollywood celebrities hit the red carpet, they appear ten times more beautiful than the average person.

If you have a feeling that you are not beautiful, then remember those celebrities you praise were uglier than you. They too had acne, were forced to wear braces, etc. Some were unattractive, a few were ugly, and the rest were straight-up nerds.

To change your perception, we have compiled a list of 15 such celebrities who grew up to be stunningly hot.