15 LGBTQ Celebs You Forgot Came Out While Married

Kathy Hutchins | Shutterstock.com

Declaring yourself as gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, or anything on the spectrum is not an easy thing. It will possess some serious threat including the risk of ruining friendships, relationships, social image etc. It may also happen that your sexuality and adjustment can bring misfortune in your job and many aspects of your life. Though it is not a new thing in this world anymore and people are concerned about it from the past. The LGBTQ have to really struggle and experience the uncertainties. Governments from all over the world have tried their best to let LGBTQ access all the rights and freedoms which a normal person is entitled to. These days, owing to increase in sexuality problem, a spectrum of sexuality test also known as The Kinsey Test is done to know the sexual preference and identity. After the introduction of this test, people are coming across their attraction like polyamorous, pansexual, bisexual etc. So, in this listicle, we have compiled a list of 15 LGBTQ Celebs You Forgot Came Out While Married.