15 Famous People Who Hate Cell Phones

Antonio Guillem | Shutterstock.com

Smart phones, everyone has one right? I mean, how can you possibly live in this modern society without the help of that little device that keeps you connected to family, friends, and the internet wherever you go?
Researchers have found that people check their cellphones at least 150 times a day, or around once every 6 1/2 minutes. A survey conducted among teenagers in 2016 found 50% of them felt they were addicted to smartphones. In fact, science has even found that some people have a crippling fear of not having a phone. There’s even a name for it nomophobia.
So, yes, it seems being a functioning member of society in this day and age means you have a smartphone. . . yet, there is a small portion of society that doesn’t like using smartphones. Don’t believe us, well, in this post were not going to just share with you the names and stories of people who don’t like cellphones, were going to be letting you know about famous celebrities who just don’t like using cell phones. Check these “freaks” out.