15 Cute Disney Kids Who Turned into Hot Messes

JStone | Shutterstock.com

We all smile and giggle every time we see a child star acting on-screen with their adorable little faces and undeniable cuteness. The world swooned when we watched Olivia’s antics on the Cosby Show, and we all loved cute Michelle from Full House. Those kids captured our hearts each time they delivered their lines, but not every one of them grew up as adorable adults.
Some of them have transitioned into great adults over the years, but unfortunately a group of child actors also managed to destroy every adorable bone in their bodies. It’s only to be expected that these child stars would change as they grew up, but we also want them to mature with grace.
However, a lot of them have become wild and reckless as they go through adult life. They were innocent and sweet when they were kids, but they’re now unrecognizable and many of them have made fool of themselves as well. Let’s take a look at the Disney child wonders who grew up to be wild adults, a far cry from their innocent image.