15 Current Female Wrestlers Who Are Hotter Than Any Attitude Era Diva

Hunter Hainan | flickr.com

There isn’t a single field left where women are not doing well. Almost everywhere, their presence is always noticed and they keep themselves advancing every passing day. There was a time when the participation of women in wrestling was just a far-fetched idea. Then came the phase where a handful of women came forward to change the landscape. Now, they can match up to their male counterparts with their skills and temperament. Today, the industry is flooded with gorgeous divas, along with their athletic skills, extensive modeling experience and much more. They needed exposure during the ‘90s and you can see now they are making good use of it. Now, WWE now requires equal screen time for both male and female competitors.
To sum it up, we cannot make conclusions based on just beauty alone. If we consider technical skills, we can, therefore, say without doubt the women wrestling lansdcape can be considered a significant force to reckon with. This listicle is all about 15 modern-day female wrestlers who are hotter than any Attitude Era diva.