15 Celebs Who Were so Broke They Lived in Their Car

Jacob Lund | Shutterstock.com

Many of us have heard or experienced first hand what it’s like to be broke and living off on a very tight budget. You can be financially low but not to the point of living in your car or eating other people’s leftovers. It’s hard to imagine celebrities being so dirt poor that they couldn’t afford a decent house or even a motel and had to live in their cars.
It’s surprising that many Hollywood personalities experienced living in their cars for real. Well, for some, they bought it amongst themselves by wanting to be famous that they wouldn’t even apply for jobs because fame is all they had in mind. They might be thinking along the lines of, “I want to make a career as an actor, I don’t care what people say and I don’t want any other job. I’ll live in my car if I have to!” scenario. Many celebrities have no other choice and had to suck it all in and wish for the best. Many have come from rock bottom and are not ashamed to share their stories. It’s pretty surreal though, to think some of these famous celebs used to live on the backs of their cars – cars and not even a trailer van.