15 Celebs Who Were Nabbed for Having ‘Sticky Fingers’

mark reinstein | Shutterstock.com

We as human beings are often tempted, our honesty is tested, and we are faced with a predicament. For instance, while walking down the street, you see a wallet full of money but there’s also some IDs and the address of the person to whom it belonged to. Most people would take the money, leave the wallet or drop it in a mailbox. There are few decent ones however that would shoo the devil whispering in their ears, return the wallet (to the person or police), complete with the money and without expecting any compensation at all.
Every time we walk into a store, we are tempted to buy things. Especially those things that we want even if we don’t need them. Of course, as upstanding citizens of the country, we either wait for it to go on sale or pay for it in full. You wouldn’t dare pull a stunt especially with all the cameras monitoring your every move and security staff waiting to just jump at you when they get suspicious.
Most people, however, have the itch to steal. Sometimes, it’s just the little things but it gets worse. You might get successful once or twice but don’t push your luck, thieves will eventually get caught and humiliated. It’s a surprise to see a celebrity steal stuff especially if they can afford it. Here are 16 celebrities caught red-handed with a case of sticky fingers.