15 Actresses Who Seemed Really “Into” Their Girl-on-girl Kiss Scene

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If you want to add a hot and shocking value to your movie, then add a lesbian kiss scene. If you haven’t realized, we have seen a lot of girl and girl action lately in both film and television. With LGBT rights being highlighted especially on social media, there’s no mystery why there’s a growing number of lesbian relationships. It seems filmmakers also want a share in it. Why? It’s interesting and makes people curious. You’d be surprised that there are a lot of women who actually dig seeing chicks make out as much as men do. Many women would agree that they find females more attractive even without taking any romantic feelings into the equation. It only makes sense though with the rising trend of same sex relationships and marriages becoming more common, so it will also be a norm in television and films.
Many actors and actresses struggle with on screen romance and kisses that often times it would look obviously forced and choreographed. Whether it be a lesbian kiss or a heterosexual one, there will come a time when an actor needs to do it. Most of these actors have significant others and they might feel a pang of guilt whenever there is a need to film a kissing scene. Aside from that, there’s the director, cameraman, and crew who would all be staring intently at you while you do it.
While others struggle, there are those that are comfortable doing it – too comfortable perhaps that they often look eager to do it. Many actresses are challenged when it comes to kissing co-female stars and they don’t feel the need to hide their excitement. Many have made it an enjoyable experience. Here are some of the actresses that made the best female kissing scenes in films and on television.