15 Actresses Who Played Pregnant Characters While Really Pregnant

Everett Collection | Shutterstock.com

In the world of acting, especially in long-running television series, there’s no guarantee what could happen especially with the female cast, due to real life pregnancies. However, there are instances when the producers, instead of writing off the character, for the time being, used the pregnancy to their advantage. Instead of laying off while pregnant, the actress is still given some onscreen time and the producers can carry on with the program as usual – it’s a win-win situation. There’s no need to hide the pregnancy when the character is said to be pregnant at that time either, no more odd camera angles and hiding behind plants and shopping bags. There’s also no need for fake bumps because you have the real thing!
Here are 15 actresses who played pregnant characters while being pregnant in real life and people had no clue about it.