15 Actors Who Were Too Old for Their Character Roles

Tinseltown | Shutterstock.com

It’s not new that many Hollywood actors play roles which are either too old or too young for them to be cast in. For instance, just look at those cheesy “teen” horror movies. Most of the actors are already in their twenties or older but most of them pick up the role. Often times, they get picked on by the viewers. It doesn’t take a genius to point out how an almost 30-year-old is playing a high school student. Anyway, the reverse could happen, with actors taking on roles for which they are too young. But that is another case.
Many of these performers are often nit-picked on as their age is quite noticeable on screen. For others though, it’s rarely evident and they can take on younger roles as they please. For these aging action stars, it’s quite hard to film action sequences when they can barely survive a run around the block. Or how about those actresses playing seductive roles when they are already well into their 50s (even 60s!), not to mention main leads with a huge age gap. It’s just uncomfortable to look at, to be honest.
In this list, you’ll see 15 actors who took on roles that are way too young for them. In all fairness, most of them are A-list actors, just miscast into roles that they are too old for.