13 Classic George Carlin Quotes That Are Funny AF

djandywdotcom | flickr.com

Considered one of the most important and prominent personality in stand-up comic, George Carlin is also known as as the Dean of Counterculture Comedians. He is remembered for his thoughts on politics, black comedy, religion, the English language and other taboo topics. Carlin’s routines centered on American society’s socio-cultural criticism, and he also commented on various US political issues and satirized the extremes of American culture. His works include his 14 stand-up comedy specials on HBO that ran until the late 1980s. He was also a frequent guest host and performer on The Tonight Show. His final work was an HBO special called It’s Bad for Ya, which was filmed four months before he died in 2008. His many contributions to his chosen field solidifies his standing as one of the most celebrated stand-up comics of all time.