Old Media is Dead. Post-Trump, These 16 Media Channels Are the Rising Stars

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Today, the internet is giving traditional media stiff competition as the preferred channel for communication. People nowadays no longer solely rely on the traditional media to get their daily news, but also use other channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The 2017 US presidential election was an eye opener for many across the globe. Mainstream media was blatantly supporting and predicting Hillary Clinton’s win. However, they misjudged the American people and their anger and therefore, the election results. On the other hand, alternative media channels like Infowars and Breitbart called out the bias of mainstream media, gathering momentum with their stories. Slowly and steadily, these alternative media outlets started gaining popularity and became the primary source for the American public compared to traditional media channels. Moreover, Donald Trump’s win boosted these alternative media channels’ credibility and there was a huge surge in their viewership. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 15 media channels that rose in popularity and changed the way the US 2017 presidential election was fought.